DEE - AED Empresarios de Durango
Durango Business Association


DEE-AED has woven all these years a collaboration network with different public and private entities. We consider that our top priority task is to articulate and formally consolidate these many relationships, and others which are coming soon, so that we are able to bring about bigger achievements.

According to the working fields of these entities, the news, actions or agreements which may come up related with them, will appear classified into these four areas.

  1. Business associations and groups, such as Enkarterri Group (company association) or Cebek (Employers Organization of Bizkaia).
  2. Public entities, for example, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia (Diputación Foral de Bizkaia), the Group SPRI or the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Durangaldea.
  3. Educational institutions: University (Mondragón, Deusto…) or vocational training centres (Tknika).
  4. Technology and/or Innovation centres, for instance, Azterlan or CEI Saiolan.

Durango Business Association

Durango Business Association

Murueta Torre, 2 - 48200 Durango - Bizkaia

Phone number: 618 620 361


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