DEE - AED Empresarios de Durango
Durango Business Association

Central Shopping Zehar


Since 2007 Dee-aed is provided with an area - ZEHAR - for shopping and hiring services collectively with partner companies. 

This head office for Shopping, according to the experiences gained all these years, has been adapting its structure to the necessities and dynamics of its partner companies but always under the premises which based its creation:

  1. Shopping and service hiring costs saving.
  2. Management costs saving.
  3. Intermediation with approved suppliers.
  4. Attention to the particular needs of partners.

In 2011 we are working on the consolidation of the last agreements reached by the partners (industry supplies, travels, office materials…) and also on an opening-up to new agreements of general interest: Bank products, Insurances, Energy, Logistics…

Durango Business Association

Durango Business Association

Murueta Torre, 2 - 48200 Durango - Bizkaia

Phone number: 618 620 361


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