DEE - AED Empresarios de Durango
Durango Business Association


DEE-AED ( Association of Companies of Durangaldea) is an association of companies based in the region of Durangaldea.

What we offer:

Common services for all the member companies to help them optimize their resources and keep a competitive advantage; we got this Project started back in 2007 with the establishment of ZEHAR, the head office for shopping of DEE-AED.

A meeting point where members can share opinions, reflections, problems or improvements, get to know other members and establish bonds with them, and even start new projects. All of this thanks to the work groups (formation, internal relations common services…), the workshops and the open days.

Where to talk about improvements, negotiation, absenteeism, prevention, cooperation, subventions and financing, about external market and raw material’s price, about the family company or the immigrants’ workmanship …

And a physical place, our headquarters, open and free for every member, so that they can arrange any meeting or event in its halls.

What we want to be:

We want to be more companies. To share more ideas and get better services.

Be more to better represent the Management of Durangaldea and to influence as many organizations as we’re interested in. Be a lobby with negotiation capability.

We want to bet for the quality and continuous improvement of each of our companies. And we are backed up by our involvement in projects such as INNOGUNE, in agreements with public organizations and in initiatives towards the innovation of our products, our processes, our organization and management, our market.

We want to find synergies between the members, meetings that may carry new fields for collaboration, where problems and solutions would be shared. A common place, a point of reference, for all of us.

Durango Business Association

Durango Business Association

Murueta Torre, 2 - 48200 Durango - Bizkaia

Phone number: 618 620 361


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